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For twenty years, the best of all the landscaping companies in Wentzville, Missouri, The Lawn Champs, has been serving your area and bringing great services to you and your neighbors. With our commitment to quality service and expert landscaping, we have made a name for ourselves as one of the best landscaping companies around. From seasonal lawn care to mowing the lawn, from troubleshooting lawn problems to installing and maintaining sprinkler systems, The Lawn Champs offer affordable lawn care and excellent landscaping services. For single-family and multi-family residential landscaping, contact The Lawn Champs today in Wentzville, Missouri to get started with your residential lawn service and landscape maintenance.

What Are Your Lawn Care Needs?

Whether you are looking for a mowing company, or maybe just want some help coming up with some landscaping ideas in Wentzville, Missouri, you need a landscaper you can trust. With so many new landscaping companies, it seems like there's yet another lawn mowing service around every corner, ready to use cheap lawn mowers and provide mediocre service. If you want more than just a normal grass cutter for your lawn, then you need The Lawn Champs.

We can do lawn aeration and are knowledgeable about all types of grass, including zoysia grass. Mowing the lawn can be a hassle for a hard working family, and keeping it looking good with the weather conditions in Wentzville, Missouri can be difficult. That's why you need more than just a lawn mowing service.

Reseeding, Fertilizing, and NO Cheap Lawn Mowers

We can handle reseeding lawn and can lay down Lesco fertilizer, which works great with zoysia grass, St Augustine grass, buffalo grass, fescue grass, and other types of grass. Our process can help lessen the extent of crabgrass as well. If you are involved in a new construction project and are looking for sod prices, then look no further. We can aerate lawn before laying sod. Lawn aeration will help the sod take to your bare ground.

If you need an extensive lawn mowing service or help implementing your landscaping ideas in Wentzville, Missouri then contact Lawn Champs today. Even if you just want someone to mow the lawn, we can help. We aren't like other landscaping companies that only offer certain services. We never use cheap lawn mowers, but rather utilize the best lawn mowers available. Mowing the lawn is something that has to be done with care, and that starts with the type of lawnmowers you use. That is just part of the reason you can trust our lawn mowing service.

Is Your Lawn in Disrepair?

Everyone is bound to have lawn problems every once in a while. If you have beautiful zoysia grass in Wentzville, Missouri, that doesn't mean that you won't have crabgrass or other weeds at some point. Lawn Champs’ process of using a lawn aerator and natural weed killer creates a powerful weed and feed environment. We use different types of weed killer and crabgrass killer for your specific type of grass and weeds. We have already done expertiments to find the best types of weed killers for our area’s weeds and grasses, so you won’t have to use a variety to find the best weed killer or crabgrass preventer. After we utilize a weed killer, we can concentrate on a good quality turf builder with continuous lawn aeration. Then a sporadic use of organic weed killer and a lawn dethatcher should keep your lawn and grass healthy. This coupled with our lawn mowing service in Wentzville, Missouri will be a great addition to any lawn thatcher and weed killer programs for lawns.

What About Landscape Maintenance in RELACECITY, Missouri?

Just because we mow lawns in Wentzville, Missouri doesn't mean we can't help you with your landscaping ideas, too! We can handle your landscape edging, garden edging, and any other front yard landscaping ideas. Other landscaping companies will give you their landscape ideas and not work with you on what you want, and they often just utilize easy and cheap landscaping ideas. If you want a landscaper to help you with your front yard landscaping or even backyard landscaping ideas, then contact Lawn Champs today. We love providing backyard landscape ideas that won't keep you busy all summer. We know all the techniques to provide you with low maintenance landscaping, and we are happy to take care of all of the lawn maintenance ourselves.

We are a fully functional landscape company and will help you bring your landscaping ideas and front yard landscaping ideas to life. Landscaping companies or freelance landscapers can’t beat our quality. We will give your front yard landscaping, flower beds, backyard landscaping ideas, or even rock garden a look that you can be proud of. We also offer a full lawn mowing service and offer competitive landscaping prices for our landscape designs in Wentzville, Missouri.

What About Irrigation Systems?

Having a good sprinkler system can be a very effective way to maintain the beauty and health of your lawn. Lawn Champs can help you find out about sprinkler system cost near Wentzville, Missouri. There can be a lot to consider when it comes to a new system, including irrigation pumps, lawn sprinklers, and drip irrigation systems. You may even have to dig irrigation lines. Not to mention worry about finding the best lawn sprinkler and sprinkler timer. You could use the help of a professional, and we are here to help.

Sprinkler systems can help lawns keep the proper level of moisture. This can be helpful during the dry periods in Wentzville, Missouri. A good sprinkler system will have quality sprinkler heads and an affordable sprinkler system cost. Lawn sprinklers irrigate your lawn, keeping it green and well maintained.

What Is Irrigation?

Drip irrigation systems slowly release water to your lawn when it is needed. This allows them to stay healthy during hot periods with little rainfall. Although, when the dry season is over it is important to winterize a sprinkler system. This can be challenging, depending on your sprinkler system design, which makes purchasing the best sprinkler you can afford something to keep in mind. If you need help picking out a sprinkler system or installing it in Wentzville, Missouri, be sure to call on The Lawn Champs.

We are qualified sprinkler system installers and we can also handle sprinkler repair. We can quote you a competitive sprinkler system cost, and we are knowledgeable in all parts of the system including irrigation pumps, water sprinkler, drip irrigation systems, lawn sprinkler, sprinkler controller, irrigation timer, sprinkler head, and an automatic watering system. This makes us the pros when it comes to irrigation in Wentzville, Missouri. We want to help you keep your lawn looking its best.

There is a Lot to Consider When it Comes to Irrigation

There are several sprinkler system companies, who will install and sell you a sprinkler system, and some even offer sprinkler repair for your sprinkler heads, but none will deliver the quality and value that Lawn Champs offer. We also offer this exceptional value along with a competitive sprinkler system cost, which none of our competitors do. Lawn sprinklers can be a simple store bought item or a complex sprinkler system design. There is a difference between the best sprinkler at the home store and the best lawn sprinkler system with a sprinkler timer. If you are looking for a long lasting quality system in Wentzville, Missouri and want a reputable company to take care of your sprinkler system installation, Lawn Champs is the answer. Along with our mowing services and landscaping, we also love to do underground sprinkler system installation.

All Your Lawn Care Needs in Wentzville, Missouri

Whether you need a simple lawn mowing or a complex landscaping idea, Lawn Champs can help. Some landscaping companies won't even touch the fescue grass, but we’re not scared to tackle any project. Many other landscaping companies just want to give you high cost landscape ideas and would never think about mowing the lawn. That's why we have a high quality lawn mowing service as well as backyard landscaping. We us liquid lawn fertilizer and weed killer for lawns for weed control. Lawn weeds can get out of control quickly in Wentzville, Missouri, and we know just what to do.

We offer competitive lawn service prices when compared to landscaping companies, and not just for mowing the lawn. Along with our grass cutting, we can use organic lawn fertilizer to help with lawn repair when we mow your lawn. This cuts down on lawn problems and long term landscaping prices. Our lawn mowing services in Wentzville, Missouri is more than just another grass cutting service. You'll get the best lawn cutting service and fantastic landscaping at competitive lawn service prices.

Gearing Up For Upcoming Seasons

Now is the time to look at landscaping companies. No matter what season is ahead, it’s never too early or too late to start proper lawn care and lawn maintenance on your Wentzville, Missouri home. People begin to think about mowing the lawn in late winter and early spring, and a good lawn mowing service will be booked up fast for spring lawn care. Many mowing and landscaping businesses that offer cutting grass services are sometimes too busy to take new clients by the time you need your first grass cutting, let alone if you need more specialized attention like St. Augustine grass care, lawn repair, or Bermuda grass care on top of needing someone to mow the lawn.

Please contact Lawn Champs for all of your lawn mowing services and landscaping ideas in Wentzville, Missouri. We will mow the lawn better than the other landscaping companies and we will always use the best lawn mower. You won't find a better landscaper with more lawn mower reviews.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard To Find Affordable Lawn Care

Landscaping companies or other lawn mowing services can charge a premium for spring lawn care. If you need special landscaping services like St. Augustine grass care or Bermuda grass care, affordable lawn care doesn’t have to be hard to find in Wentzville, Missouri. With our lawn care business, spring care, fall lawn care, lawn mowing services, and landscape services, we believe that all lawns should be provided with affordable lawn treatment, and Lawn Champs has competitive rates for you.

Lawn Champs Loves Landscaping Services

Whether you need landscaping ideas or you already have a plan in mind we would love to help you. We are a full service landscaping company and can bring your landscape ideas to life. As a quality landscaper in Wentzville, Missouri, we can help with front yard landscaping, flower beds, backyard landscaping ideas, lawn mowing service, yard work, simple landscaping ideas, and low maintenance landscaping. We can even be your landscape designer.

We also offer a high quality residential lawn service, which is something that isn't typically offered by landscaping companies. It's important to know that our lawn mowing service isn't just mowing or grass cutting. We can also help fix and prevent many lawn problems that other lawn mowing services and landscape services won't touch. We love lawns and feel that lawn treatment goes hand in hand with any grass cutting service and lawn cutting service.

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No matter what your lawn needs are this spring, summer, winter, or fall in Wentzville, Missouri, Lawn Champs can help you tackle any project and keep your lawn beautiful all season long. Be sure to contact us today so we can tell you exactly how we plan to help you succeed in making your lawn beautiful, healthy, and strong.

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