Affordable Lawn Care from The Lawn Champs

While many people view lawn care and landscaping as one in the same, they are in fact different. While landscaping refers mostly to planting and installation of non-organic elements, such as lighting, irrigation, patios, fire pits, and more, lawn care covers the basics of grass and plant care, including fertilization, weed control, pest control, aeration, and more. The Lawn Champs do both lawn care and landscaping, so we can absolutely cover all aspects of your outdoor spaces. If you’re interested primarily or only in lawn care, here’s a look at some of the lawn care services we offer our customers.

Lawn Mowing Service

Probably the most basic of all lawn care services is our mowing service. We utilize the best lawn mowers and proper mowing regulations to ensure that your lawn is cut to the proper height at the proper times. Mowing your own yard can damage the grass further, which may lead to a need to reseed your lawn or utilize us for lawn repair. It’s best to hire an experienced lawn mowing service to ensure that your lawn care is being handled by experts.

Reseeding Lawn

If your lawn is looking brown, dry, or patchy, reseeding your lawn is likely the best option. Reseeding lawns simply entails spreading the right grass seed across your entire yard (or wherever necessary) and encouraging it to grow. Reseeding lawns is best handled by a professional lawn care company, as the proper conditions and applications are necessary for a successful reseeding.

Lawn Aeration

If you have soil compaction issues (which we can detect), lawn aeration is the solution. This common lawn care process involves perforating your lawn with small holes to encourage air flow, water transfer, and nutrient movement throughout your entire lawn. Lawn aeration helps your lawn’s roots become stronger, making your entire lawn healthier and greener.

Weed Control

No matter how healthy your lawn is and how diligent you are about lawn care, weed control is always something you need to think about. Weed killers can be utilized with the proper precautions, and weeds can be eradicated quite quickly in many instances. The lawn care specialists at The Lawn Champs are ready to utilize weed killers to take care of your weed control issues.

Lawn Repair

While reseeding your lawn, lawn aeration, and weed control fall under the category of lawn repair, there are various other facets of lawn repair within our services that you can utilize to ensure your yard is in the best condition possible. From pest control to pet urine spots and more, no lawn problem is too big for us to handle. We will troubleshoot any lawn problem you have, and we will go straight to work utilizing our best lawn repair practices, making sure that your happiness and your lawn’s health are both part of our end result.

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