What Is Irrigation?

In landscaping, irrigation is the process of artificially applying water to the land. The purpose for watering the land around your property is to ensure that the lawn and plants are regularly watered in order to keep them healthy. A healthy lawn or garden always looks appealing to the eyes, while land suffering from a drought or a lack of water is always unsightly. It’s important to make sure your lawn is always looking pristine.

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Do I Need To Install an Irrigation System?

If you want to quickly evaluate if your lawn will benefit from an increase in water flow, you can dig out a small chunk of your lawn from an inconspicuous section of the yard. This should be no larger than your hand. Squeeze the extracted clump of soil in your hands into a small ball. If the ball is damp and easily contains moisture, then your soil is properly watered. However, if the soil easily crumbles between your fingers, then you likely need an irrigation system or watering service to remedy it. If water is dripping from the ball, the soil is overwatered.

Types of Irrigation Systems

There is a large variety of unique irrigation systems that can be utilized, depending on your land and your irrigation needs. The most common systems are listed below. Give us a call and we will help you determine which irrigation system will fit your needs.
  • Ditch Irrigation
  • Terraced Irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinkler System
  • Rotary System
  • Spray Heads
  • Bubblers
  • Center Pivot Irrigation

More Irrigation System Information

You can also utilize lawn aeration to increase the soil’s infiltration rate (the speed in which it will absorb water). The Lawn Champs provides a lawn aeration service to help increase the airflow and infiltration rate of your lawn.

Some states, cities or counties will have water usage restrictions. It’s important to know how they will affect you, your lawn, and any irrigation systems that you utilize. It’s essential to know before you begin purchasing equipment or hire any irrigation services. Our professionals will be able to help you identify if your area is applicable for an irrigation system and will be able to get you started.

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